What is ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Updated about?

ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Updated is a server that puts adventure above all else, in the style of old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Exploration is interesting, the dangers are greater and the sense of satisfaction of clearing out a dungeon is intense. Dark dungeons, towering spires, weathered ruins and musty tomes lay before you. Lay claim to riches or create your own artifacts, tame beasts and carve out your own story in endless wonder. Alone or with friends, adventure awaits on ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Updated!

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Our Discord

We suggest you also join our Discord here for more awesome things such as live server status updates, text and voice chats for our community members, entertainment, music, bots, and more!


    Important Info

    You MUST install the provided mods before you can join, this is a modded server! You can get the mods you need in the downloads section! (They will be updated if needed)

    While you can use the Twitch version to play, it has bugs, less optimization, and less features than the server specific version so I suggest using the server specific version as it has optimizations,
    bug fixes, and exclusive features that the twitch version does not, plus I don't give support for the Twitch version.





    Mirror (CA)

    Installation Tutorial Video

    Note that some things in the tutorial video may look slightly different than yours, this is because
    some things may have been updated since the creation of the tutorial video, general steps are still the same.

    Server IP


Want to help out?

Donations welcome here

I greatly appreciate donations as it helps me cover costs and upgrade hardware, but the server is 100% free to play and you do not need to donate, buy anything, or spend any money in any way to
play on the server, so please do not think that it is a requirement at all to donate to play on the server.

Vote & Bump our server (for free) to help it grow here!


  • /spawn | Teleports you back to spawn
  • /rtp | Teleports you to a random location in the world. (Note the delay is long to prevent spamming, it does work)
  • /tpa {player} | Requests being teleported to another player
  • /tpaccept | Accepts teleport request from a player
  • /sethome {homename} | Sets a home at your current location. (Max 100)
  • /delhome {homename} | Deletes a set home
  • /home {homename} | Teleports you to one of your homes
  • /homes | Lists all your set homes
  • /back | Teleports you back your last location before you teleported or died
  • /warp | Warps to a warp
  • /warps | Lists all warps

  • Claiming
  • /listteamadmins | List admins in Team.
  • /listteams | Lists all teams on the server
  • /claim | Claims current subchunk
  • /claim up/down | Claims specified number of subchunks up/down
  • /createteam | Creates a team called
  • /teaminvite | Invites to the team, clickable through chat
  • /teaminvites | Lists your current invites, click invite to join.
  • /jointeam | Adds you to after someone invites.
  • /kickfromteam {player} | Kicks {player} from the team, if you have team admin roll
  • /leaveteam | Leaves current team
  • /listmembers | Lists the members in your current team
  • /landowner | Says who's land you are standing in
  • /removeteamadmin {player} | Removes {player} from admin roles for team
  • /setteamadmin {player} | Adds {player} as a team admin
  • /myteam | List your current team
  • /unclaim | Unclaim chunk you're standing in
  • /unclaim all | Unclaim all chunks owned
  • /deleteteam | Deletes your team
  • /editteam enter {message} | Message for when players enter a claim you own or are a member of
  • /editteam exit {message} | Message for when players exit a claim you own or are a member of
  • /editteam deny {message} | Message for when players try to build or break in a claim you own or are a member of

  • Misc
  • /fly
  • | (Donator Rank only, see #support-the-server of our Discord) Allows you to fly forever without the use of any items!
  • /nick
  • |(Donator Rank only, see #support-the-server of our Discord) Allows you to change your name that shows on server join, leave, death, and kill messages!


    How do I join?

    Enter the IP and port in the server IP box of your minecraft client.

    What version of Minecraft do I need to join?

    You need version 1.12.2

    What is the server IP?


    Why can't I join?

    You may be using the wrong forge version or modpack release! Try reinstalling the modpack using the video tutorial and download links in the installation section above!

    Why do I get fml mod rejection/this server has mods that require FML/forge... when joining?

    You may be using the wrong forge version or modpack release! Try reinstalling the modpack using the video tutorial and download links in the installation section above!

    Can I use optifine with this pack?

    Yes! The modpack comes with the correct optifine version you need! You can download the server modpack from the link in the installation section above!

    Why is my Minecraft crashing when loading?

    You may be using the wrong forge version, have other mods that are not from this modpack in your mods folder, or you don't have enough RAM allocated to Minecraft. Remove any mods not from this modpack and try again, if that fails, reinstall the modpack from the link in the installation section above with clean installation mode enabled.

    How much RAM should I allocate to Minecraft?

    I recommend a minimum of 4 GB RAM allocated to Minecraft, the minimum you can use is 2.5 GB for this modpack.
    If you have 4-6GB RAM, allocate 3-4GB.
    If you have 8-12GB RAM, allocate 6-8GB.
    If you have 12+GB RAM, allocate 10GB.

    Can I invite my friends to the server?

    Sure! Invite all your friends!

    Do you plan to add more mods to the server in the future?

    Maybe. If I add any mods, users need to re-download the modpack from the link in the installation section above.

    Are there ranks/donations?

    No ranks as of now, you can donate here, it is greatly appreciated ☺ (P.S you can donate without spending your money, more details on that page!)

    What are the rules?

    Read #rules in our Discord (link above)

    Can I use cracked Minecraft?

    No, you will need to join on a Premium (purchased) Minecraft account. Why can't I break anything with a wooden axe?

    Wooden axes are not supported, just make a stone or better one and it will work fine.

    Is the server online 24/7?

    Yes! The server is online at all times unless specified in #updates, generally the only downtime is for backups or changes.

    How many subchunks can I claim?

    You can claim up to 16 subchunks per person per team.

    Why does tab list and /ping show my ping is bad?

    In game ping meter requires you to stay online for a few minutes to become accurate. You can check your true ping on the server list of your client.

    How to I make it daytime?

    Sleep in a bed, 50% of total players on the server must sleep at the same time for night to pass.

    Why should I use the resources provided above instead of twitch?

    Twitch and other launchers often have issues, so to simplify things and generally prevent issues, it's recommended to use the resources in #welcome as it is generally more reliable than a third party mod loader or launcher.

    How do I break graves?

    Sneak on graves to collect their contents

    What is a subchunk?

    A 16x16x16 area. Use F3+G to see borders.

    How many homes can I set?

    You can set up to 100 homes as long as their names are different

    What does the modpack installer do?

    The installer has fail-safes built in, it backs up the existing installation of minecraft (if installed) then removes any old modpack installations, then installs the modpack including optimizations and features specific to the server whether you have minecraft installed or not, it also installs any software needed. If there's an issue with the installation and the game does not launch for any reason, it has a clean install option which will backup the existing installation and configs, remove the installation entirely as well as all dependencies then install all needed programs and dependencies, then install the modpack, optimizations, and automatically change any configs needed. It also makes restore points for the uninstaller which will allow the user to uninstall the modpack and restore their previous minecraft installation and settings. You can run it on a system with nothing at all installed and it will install and configure everything as well as give you step by step instructions when any user interaction is required. All without the use of twitch or third party launchers.

    Did the owner block you me Discord/Why can't I DM you on Discord?

    No I didn't block you, you can't DM me because I don't accept DMs unless we're friends. Too many people DMing me for non important reasons, just message in the server instead.

    How do I see what I have claimed??

    Use F3+G to see borders then walk in and out of each subchunk and check to see if a message shows in chat.


    What do I do on Hexxit?

    You can do many things depending what mod you want to start on, but here are a few goals you could set for yourself.

  • Make a full set of Hexxit gear
  • Defeat all the bosses
  • Defeat the hydra (the hardest Twilight Forest boss)
  • Clear 50 dungeons
  • Make a wall of every trophy from each epic moment you've ever had in Hexxit

  • Some things to note

    Vanilla resources are much easier than in vanilla to gather, diamonds are as common as iron, trees are easier to cut down, and vanilla items are generally a lot easier to get. Getting a full set of diamond armor in an hour is fairly normal.



    1st Offense = Warning
    2nd Offense = Mute or ban depending on the severity
    3rd Offense = Permanent network ban from the Discord and game server

    ➤ Playful banter is acceptable, however if a member is uncomfortable in the situation please stop and remember to be thoughtful of others.

    ➤ Curse words are fine, however please control your profanity!

    ➤ Be cautious of when you're discussing about any sensitive content if someone is uncomfortable, please stop. If it's still bothering you please talk to one of the staff members or the server owner in DM.

    ➤ This is an English speaking server, if you want to speak in another language, take it to DM's.

    ➤ We want to make a safe environment for everyone, do not post inappropriate content . If we do catch you posting NSFW contents, or harassing members you will be put in a timeout for 30/50min, and if the situation is worse it's an automatic ban. No mercy.

    ➤ Please involve everyone in the conversation, and making them feel that they are included in the community. If you see an argument or beef going on, please try to stop it.

    ➤ Be aware that spamming (everyone or here) more than 3x will be put to timeout, if continued, will be kicked! Please use mentions for emergency!

    ➤ Advertising of any kind, whether in DM's or server is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in an immediate ban without warning!
    If you catch someone advertising to you in this server or in DM's, check their mutual server and if they are in this server, please send a screenshot of the offending content to the owner on Discord here and action will be taken!

    ➤ No spamming, using mass caps, mass mentioning, sending server invites, or using zalgo text in this server.

    ➤ Hacking of any kind is strictly prohibited! Autoclickers or any other client mods that give you an advantage over anyone else are also not allowed!

    ➤ Do not ask for help on things that are not related to my Hexxit server, this Discord server will provide help for anything on my server, but if you need other help, ask somewhere else!

    ➤ Do not use more than 1 account on the Discord or the MC server, using more than 1 account will result in a permanent network ban, which will not let you play on any account.

    ➤ Please post your messages in the appropriate channels, suggestions in #suggestions, shitposts in #shitposting, etc

    ➤ Ban evading is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate network ban to all related accounts and IPs

    ➤ No singing whatever the stupid creeper song is where you try to put lyrics in discord servers in our Discord server!

    ➤ Do not pour liquid coralium into the water in the overworld.

    ➤ Do not make or use oblivious death bombs, if you want to spawn the boss you may fight it in /warp DeadlyDeathbox-ProsOnly or contact the owner to spawn one at a place of your choosing.

    ➤ Do not ping staff or the owner in the Discord unless it's important! I read server messages. If you ping me for some non important reason, I won't respond to your original message, I'll just punish you for pinging me.

    ➤ Do not tp trap players (this includes killing them in any way, do not teleport players to you for the sole intent of killing them!)

    ➤ Do not spawn kill players!

    ➤ Do not question the authority about rules, staff members will never lie to you. We may accidently provide incorrect information when it comes to information on mods (even though we try our best not to) but we would never intentionally lie to you.

    ➤ Do not say "ok boomer" or other stupid memes, you're only acting childish and annoying others by doing so.

    Thank you.